Getting Started

Haber Transport started in 2003 with a single road tanker and 35 years of previous experience in the handling of ammonia, steadily growing its operation and expanded its fleet exponentially to enable it to safely transport ammonia all over the country – and even across the border. .

About us

Specializing in Ammonia Transport

We obtained more road tankers and at the present moment we can move up to 20 tons of bulk anhydrous ammonia in one go or 50 tons at a time in three tankers. We do abnormal loads on request and We offer portable ammonia storage facilities - temporary or permanent. Contact us for a quote.


We also do cross-border transport of bulk anhydrous ammonia and goods to the rest of Africa.

We also distribute bulk anhydrous ammonia in smaller quantities.

Safety First

“Our company has an excellent safety record and strive to keep our record unchanged,” explains Leonie Verster of Haber Transport. “We believe in safe working conditions and well-trained staff.”

That is why Haber has never had any incidents or accidents involving ammonia, even though some of the refrigeration plants are situated right next to mine shafts..

Safe & Reliable Moving and Handling of Anhydrous Ammonia NH³

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